Community Tourism in Treasure Beach

06/09/2017 | Saint Elizabeth,


The video was produced by “Cook Like A Jamaican,” but don’t look for any cooking tips or recipes.

No, this short video is about community tourism in the seaside community of Treasure Beach. It features Jason Henzell, General Manager of Jake’s Hotel, a Treasure Beach hospitality institution.

Henzell describes of the concept of community tourism—how tourism can support many members of a local community--as well as his own history with community tourism.

However, what is arguably most interesting is Henzell’s vision for the future of community tourism in Treasure Beach. St. Elizabeth’s Parish, where Treasure Beach is located, is known as “The Breadbasket of Jamaica,” because of all the fertile farmland in the parish.

Henzell envisions giving St. Elizabeth visitors a more direct connection to their food with a variety of farm tours, festivals and farm-to-table events in and around Treasure Beach. His vision of St. Elizabeth as an agro-tourism destination is exciting, and—if it comes to pass—sounds quite delicious.

To watch the video, click here.