Ital Cuisine

The Rastafari believe in the importance of balance with nature extends to food, as well. Health and wellness are important to the Rastafari people, who have developed their own living science called "ital." 

"Ital" means pure or natural. Ital food is vegan, meaning no animal products are involved. It is prepared without artificial flavors or additives. Here at the Rastafari Indigenous Village, most the ingredients come from the village organic garden, where they are cultivated naturally without fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

The Rastafari also follow the ancient tradition or using herbs as a part of general health and wellness. There are more than 300 herbs in the Jamaican indigenous herbology. Rastafari use herbal medicinal in these various traditional ways, including daily herbal (or bush) teas, herbal juicing for vitamins and minerals and herbal charms and energy enhancers.