BREDS and the Women's Group

Treasure Beach is home to two of Jamaica's model non-profit organizations, BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation, and the Treasure Beach Women's Group Benevolent Society.

"Breds" is a traditional greeting among young men who are friends (similar to "bro" in the US). BREDS uses sports and physical activity to build a community of responsible young men who work with a sense of civic pride. BREDS organizes a wide range of activities including on- and off-roads cycling tours, sea turtle conservation nighttime beach visits and boat tours.

BREDS also puts on two annual events that always gather a fun-loving crowd: Jakes Off-Road Triathlon in April, and the Treasure Beach Hook 'N' Line Fishing Tournament in October.

The Treasure Beach Women's Group Benevolent Society is committed to the advancement of women, and the Treasure Beach community as a whole. The group offers a variety of activities that you can take part in, such as handicraft workshops, beach clean-ups and talent shows. The group also operates the Treasure Hunt Craft Shop, where you can pick up some local handicrafts, and 20% of the proceeds will help support the Women's Group.