About Cockpit Country Adventure Tours

You descend into the dark. You walk, you crawl, you get down in the mud, you swim through what may be the purest water you'll ever encounter. Your guide is knowledgeable, experienced and focused on your safety. You emerge back above ground and into the light with a big smile on your face, and memories that will last a lifetime.

This is the nature of the Rock Springs Caving Adventure offered by Cockpit Country Adventure Tours (CCAT). This spelunking adventure is family friendly, and ends with a delicious meal at a local eatery (perhaps accompanied by a cold Red Stripe).

This is just one of the fascinating, nature-based tours offered by CCAT. Headquartered in Albert Town, CCAT is a small eco-tourism outfit managed by the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) whose mission is to promote sustainable development in Trelawny and Cockpit Country Communities.

Whether you select the Burnt Hill Nature Walk, the Historic Trail in the Alps tour, or the Bird Watching Adventure, you know you'll be accompanied by guides who are Cockpit Country residents, who are proud of their community, and want to make sure your authentic Jamaican experience is everything you could have hoped for.

Cockpit Country Adventure Tours  also operates several bed and breakfasts in Cockpit Country. Here you'll have the chance to stay with a local family and experience the rustic lifestyle of the Jamaican countryside. Take a trip to the river with the kids, head to the family farm to learn yam cultivation or cool out at a local bar while taking in the favorite Jamaican pastime of dominoes.

Experience delicious country food and even help prepare the meal if you'd like. You can select from a wide variety of accommodations, from homes that have conveniences like indoor plumbing, cable and air conditioning to homes where fetching your own water, bathing outside and cooking over a wooden fire are part of everyday life.